jillian Greyse

Jillian Greyse

I am the founder of The Spirit That Is You network. As an international author,  columnist, spiritual counselor, blogger, public speaker, teacher and intuitive, I have been assisting people of all ages professionally for over a decade to find their spiritual balance and individual life purpose.

My professional education includes a bachelors degree from the State University of New York College at Buffalo and a degree in Holistic Health Education from The Center of Holistic Education.  Additionally, I served a 7 year apprenticeship under a holistic healer where I extensively studied and mastered herbal medicine, homeopathy and quantum healing techniques.

For over a decade I have been a self employed professional spiritual counselor and intuitive. I am also an international author of an educational book series for children entitled The Spirit That Is You. This series was created to bridge the gap between organized religion and spirituality by offering assistance to parents on how to teach their children simple spiritual concepts they can build upon for a lifetime.

Additionally, I write a monthly column for Living In the Heights magazine, entitled Building Blocks of Balance, The Spirit That Is You blog and run The Spirit That Is You podcast network to assist adults and children with spiritual growth and mindfulness.

Let me help you discover the spirit that is you.